The Future of Cross Border Transport

Cross Border Transport


The need for transporters transporting goods cross border, across our South African borders is absolutely necessary.  South Africa is major player in the manufacturing and supplier of goods into bordering countries., hence the need for Cross Border Transport.

If you look at Cross Border Transport into Botswana, there is not much growth.  Existing transporters moving goods into Botswana will remain, due to the fact that business isn’t booming in Botswana.  If you want to transport goods into Botswana you need to offer something that other transporters can’t.  A major problem with this is though every Oom Piet and Oom Jan who retire go out and purchase a new or used truck and believe they can start their own transport company.  There is nothing wrong with this, however their longevity of their operation does last very long.  This does pose a problem to Established Transport Companies as people are always trying to cut costs to beat the next transporter.

This leaves Cross Border Transporter in an ever-increasing innovative market.  CPK’s need to be reduced, clever financing of vehicles need to be structured, customer relationships maintained and built upon.  Cross Border Transport is a viable business for new entrepreneurs.  But never be fooled, there are many costs that are never calculated upfront when a Cross Border Transport Company starts out.

On a positive note, suppliers prefer to use a reputable reliable company who have a proof of longevity, sustainability, exceptional customer service and service value adds.

If you are entering the market as a transporter, you can always do subcontractor work for some major players, but make sure all your ducks are in a row.  Have you got the necessary permits, insurance, letter of good standing, back up vehicles, to name a few?

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