Cross Border Transport

Importing or Exporting goods to a foreign country can often be a daunting task.  To the seasoned Trade Partner it is merely a formality with process bound rules of engagement.  Black Cat Trucking takes away the difficulty of this process assisting all our clients with Botswana Cross Border Transport.

Botswana Cross Border Transport is an area that Black Cat Trucking prides themselves in.  With years and years of experience we are able to get goods into Botswana efficiently and cost effectively.

Our fleet of vehicles are designed  for Break Bulk Deliveries.  We are leaders in the industry when it comes to delivering Break Bulk goods to various destinations within Botswana on a regular basis.

We have vehicles departing to Botswana on a daily basis.

All goods that are sent into Botswana or brought into South Africa are cleared by in-house clearing agents.  By using an in-house clearing agent in Johannesburg and having a dedicated Clearing in Botswana we can get goods through the borders extremely quickly.

We would love to be able to see what solutions we can customize for your company.  For information on a solution tailored to your company, please contact us.