Transport Services

The movement of Freight or Goods can often be a daunting process.  With the use of professional Transport Services, all your hassles can be eliminated.  Black Cat Trucking, offers various solutions, suitable to different production environments and needs of various suppliers.

That is why we also refer to our Transport Services as “Managed Transport Solutions.”  We manage all your transport requirements according your requirements.

Some of the services on offer are below, however before choosing what it is that you require, we prefer to do a case study of your business, its’ operations and urgency of the movement of goods.  Depending on your businesses requirements, a different solution may be required.

Next Day Service

Black Cat Trucking offers a next day delivery into the major cities of Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland.  Also referred to as an Overnight service.  This is a premium service, however a guaranteed service.   Black Cat Trucking will deliver everyday to these regions.  For further information on this service you should contact us.

Consolidated Service

A consolidated service is where you do not have a enough freight to fill up a truck.  So it would make sense to use the service of a transporter who is going to your required destination.  You do not need to pay for a full truck but only a portion of the space that you use on the truck.  This works out far more cost effective to businesses who are not sending full loads of freight at a time.

Black Cat Trucking offer dedicated transportation of goods.  Dedicated vehicles are used to deliver.  This usually entails one delivery point.

Cross Border Transport